Working Together to Solve Fleet Challenges, Driving Optimal Efficiency

Are you looking to improve operations with enhanced performing wear parts that not only last longer but contribute towards minimising long-term labour and maintenance costs?

 Through an extensive history of working with Australian and international miners, Geographe understands the importance of continued up-time with high-quality parts. You know your fleet best, and at Geographe we take pride in closely listening to customers' concerns and leveraging their deep industry knowledge to develop advanced solutions to tackle OEM-related quality issues head-on. This has resulted in customers experiencing an optimised mobile fleet that minimises operational costs through Geographe Enhanced Performance™ (EP) parts and Specialised Tooling solutions.


Partnering with Global Customers

Demand for enhanced performing wear parts has not only been observed in Australia but also on a global scale; American mine sites are looking to drive optimal fleet efficiency with aftermarket parts that offer prompt delivery and superior value, compared to OEM alternatives. Geographe has continued its presence within the continent by physically meeting with customers on-site listening to their mine site challenges and solving with enhanced performance solutions. The result from this growing partnership between Geographe and the Americas has seen Australian-designed parts addressing American mine site needs effectively, improving fleet up-time as well as decreasing unnecessary premature labour costs.

An example of a Geographe Enhanced Performance™ (EP) part driving optimal efficiency is in Asia with the Top Hat Bush. Asian mining customers were experiencing premature failure in their Hitachi excavator fleet, negatively affecting their productivity and output. The Geographe Enhanced Performance™ Top Hat Bush is a custom-engineered solution, with the thrust plate and bush arrangement being strengthened, extending durability, and improving operational efficiency.


Working Together to Solve Your Mine Site Challenge

Geographe continues to work closely with Australian and global customers to solve mine site challenges with collaborative, innovative solutions. Whether you are located in Australia or around the globe, working together with a partner like Geographe equips you with the tools to solve your mine site challenges, improving fleet up-time and minimising costs where they count.

Are you ready to take the next step to optimal efficiency? Leverage Geographe's dedicated team to work closely with you to solve your site challenges.

Published in the Mine Australia April 2024 edition:




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