Supporting Mining Customers by Continuously Improving Supply Chain Practices

With changing market conditions and demands, supply chain optimisation is crucial more than ever within the mining industry.

From listening to the needs of mining customers, optimising supply chains revolves around the following points:

  • Efficient manufacturing,
  • Swift procurement,
  • Prompt transportation, all while maintaining high-quality components delivered to Australian and international mining customers.

Reaching out to customers and listening to their needs, Geographe continuously evaluates supply chain processes to implement strategic, targeted improvements to improve efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Supply chain disruptions can cause major downtime for a mining operation. And that equals lost productivity and profits!

“The opportunity cost for mining operations when they have a machine down is massive and Geographe recognises this,” Geographe’s Head of Supply Chain Alex Poezyn

“Any delay in machine maintenance can lead to significant production and financial losses to the mine site.

“Ensuring a robust supply chain reduces the likelihood of not having stock, which in turn reduces the length of downtime for miners.

“We understand that a reliable supply of parts ensures our mining clients can maintain their operations without prolonged disruptions, fostering trust and strengthening relationships with our customers.”

Enhancing supply chain practices is an ongoing process, and involves Geographe constantly analysing fluctuations in demand, market trends, and technological advancements and offering flexible and responsive solutions to quickly adapt to these changes, ensuring Geographe continues to meet evolving customer demands.

Since 2002, Geographe has been using SAP (an enterprise resource planning software). Following 2018, Geographe commenced using S4Hana Cloud to improve its digital infrastructure and provide further automation for administrative roles. Resulting in full traceability of Geographe products, from the raw material that was used and its chemical composition right the way through to the production order the item was produced on.

Geographe’s continued commitment to innovation means the sector is one step closer to eliminating unnecessary supply chain woes for good.

Published in Australian Mining's May 2024 edition:

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