Maintenance Solutions for MRO Teams | Geographe

Maintenance Solutions for MRO Teams | Geographe


Efficient mining equipment maintenance is vital for smooth operations and maximum productivity. At Geographe, we understand the unique challenges faced by MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) teams and work with our clients to provide innovative solutions through our Enhanced Performance (EP™) Parts range.

Our holistic approach involves combining EP™ Parts and Specialised Tooling Solutions to empower MRO teams in achieving optimal maintenance outcomes. By engaging with front-line maintenance teams and observing on-site tasks, we ensure solutions align with the highest safety and environmental standards.

One significant challenge in maintenance involves using high-risk hot works and thermal lancing to remove seized components. These methods generate flames, sparks, and high temperatures, posing safety risks and causing prolonged downtime. Working in collaboration with a Tier 1 miner, we engineered the Colleted Pin Assembly (CPA), an advanced solution to eliminate the need for hot works.

The Geographe Colleted Pin Assembly (CPA) addresses the root cause of component seizure by employing a tapered collet system. This innovative system eliminates the need for thermal lancing and makes installation and removal safer and more efficient.

Our EP™ CPA design has undergone extensive testing and proven its effectiveness in real mining operations. At Geographe, we are constantly seeking feedback from MRO teams and collaborating closely with mining companies to improve products further. The development of customised tooling kits ensures MRO teams have access to the most efficient and safe maintenance solutions.

For more information on our innovative maintenance solutions for MRO teams, read the full article published by Australian Mining here.


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