How To Reduce Your Cost On Mining Maintenance | Geographe

How To Reduce Your Cost On Mining Maintenance | Geographe

Mining operations, whether in Australia or around the globe, encounter numerous challenges during routine maintenance of their fleet with thermal lancing being a hazardous yet prevalent practice. This method, while effective in removing worn components, poses severe safety risks and substantial costs. At Geographe, we are constantly aiming to change the industry's approach to safety and cost-effective maintenance, while supporting our clients.

Eliminating Thermal Lancing: A Safer and Cost-Effective Approach

The seizing of components in mining equipment, particularly in crucial haul truck fleets, poses a multifaceted challenge. Pins often become stuck or seized due to factors like intense operational conditions, wear and tear, or inadequate maintenance practices. Traditionally, the response to such seizing involved resorting to thermal lancing.

Introducing Geographe's Colleted Pin Assembly (CPA)

Responding to these concerns, our team engineered the Colleted Pin Assembly (CPA) – a solution specifically designed for a safer and cost-effective alternative for pin changeouts on Komatsu 830E & 930E haul trucks, without resorting to thermal lancing. By employing a tapered collet system, the CPA creates a self-wedging effect between the pin and frame bores, effectively eradicating pin seizures.

This kit boasts a lightweight design aimed at minimising handling risks and deviations from safe work practices while facilitating installation and removal. By making maintenance more efficient, the CPA reduces machine downtime, contributing to enhanced productivity.

Proven Success in the Field

Our commitment to safety and innovation is exemplified through rigorous field trials of the CPA, demonstrating flawless performance for over 12,000 hours in an active mine site. This success prompted Geographe to refine the product further, developing the CPA Tooling Kit for tailored applications.

Geographe's Commitment to Innovation

The Geographe Colleted Pin Assembly (CPA) represents a shift in safety and cost-effective efficiency within the Australian mining industry. By eliminating the need for thermal lancing and introducing innovative manufacturing practices, Geographe is not just meeting industry standards; it is setting new benchmarks. As the mining sector continues to evolve, Geographe's commitment to providing safer, more efficient maintenance solutions ensures that it remains at the forefront of industry innovation.

Published in Mine Australia’s December 2023 edition:

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