Redefining Quality Manufacturing in Heavy Machinery Parts

Redefining Quality Manufacturing in Heavy Machinery Parts


During an interview with Australian Mining Review, Ryan Hyder, our Innovation Development Project Manager, delves into how Geographe has emerged as a leading supplier of high-quality parts for heavy machinery.

Initially known for replicating parts for earthmoving equipment like excavators, trucks, loaders, and dozers, we expanded our portfolio to offer Enhanced Performance (EP) Parts and Specialised Tooling solutions to meet industry demands more effectively.


Ryan highlighted the company's transition from replicating parts to engineering solutions that enhance mining fleet performance and reduce maintenance times. We achieve this by modifying materials, design features, and employing advanced heat treatment methods, ensuring prolonged part durability and significantly reducing downtime.


Geographe’s success is also attributed to our dedicated Client Relationship Managers, who understand client challenges and collaborate on innovative solutions. Our product team conducts meticulous research, reverse-engineering parts, conducting failure analysis, and employing computer-aided simulations for testing. Successful solutions undergo extensive in-house testing before implementation on clients' machinery for further trials.


We are driven to achieve customer success and satisfaction. Through our passion for innovation, we strive to offer incremental improvements and long-term solutions.


For a comprehensive understanding of our pioneering strategies and solutions that redefine manufacturing standards for quality parts, explore the full article:

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