Improved Pin Handling for CAT 793F Haul Trucks

Improved Pin Handling for CAT 793F Haul Trucks

In the Pilbara region of Western Australia, a leading mining company faced a challenge with the handling of 12kg steel OEM tray sling retaining pins on their Caterpillar 793F haul trucks. Due to the weight of the OEM pins, safe handling was a concern for members of the maintenance team. Having partnered with Geographe before, this led the company to reach out to us in search of a safer and more efficient alternative.

Engineering a Solution

The first step was conducting a metallurgical analysis by our in-house specialists.

As the main issue with the OEM pin was its mass, making it awkward to handle, lift and remove at the height required, our team identified an opportunity for improvement. After careful consideration, research, and testing, we opted for a high-tensile material to replace the steel, reducing the pin's weight while maintaining its strength.


Safety and Ergonomics as Priority

With the weight issue resolved, we turned our attention to the handle design. Understanding the importance of ergonomic design in preventing injuries, Geographe's Development Team designed an ergonomic removal handle. This D-shaped handle was tailored for ease of use, ensuring a comfortable grip to reduce strain on workers.


The Transformative Impact

The reduction in pin weight and the addition of the ergonomic handle solved the handling concerns the Pilbara miner experienced and resulted in a decrease in injury occurrences during pin handling operations. This success demonstrates the power of collaboration and engineering innovation in enhancing safety within maintenance teams.


Safety Through Collaboration

Through meticulous engineering and a shared commitment to safety, incremental gains in workplace safety were achieved.

The Lightweight Tray Sling Retaining Pins, a part of the Specialised Tooling Range offers a lighter, ergonomically refined tool to improve pin handling dynamics. They are scheduled to be available for Australian and international mine sites in early 2024.

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