How to Increase Efficiency and Productivity of Your Workshop

How to Increase Efficiency and Productivity of Your Workshop

In this Mining Now episode, filmed at our facility in Perth, Western Australia, our Kewdale Operations Manager, Shane Attwood, shares insights into the innovative strategies that Geographe applied to increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Shane explains to Jerrod, the host of the episode, how the adoption of Paul Akers' Two-Second Lean Method was game-changing and has become the cornerstone of our workshop’s operational excellence.


The discussion continues with a deeper conversation about our focal point at the Kewdale workshop: fixed plant rebuilds and repairs. With the capacity to rebuild transmissions up to 20 tons, our team of gear specialists are experienced in all aspects of refurbishment, maintenance and enhancement of industrial gearboxes that range from a few hundred kilos to a staggering 20 tons or individual parts through reverse engineering.


Shane goes on to explain how innovation and collaboration are core values to our business and to our people. During his journey at Geographe, he has witnessed several operational changes and improvements and had the opportunity to add value to the new processes across the business and especially to the Kewdale facility. From Toyota's manufacturing, service, and process learnings to the unique Australian culture ingrained in our business, Shane delves into the layers that contribute to Geographe's success.


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Speaker: Shane Attwood 

Company LinkedIn: Geographe


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The Team Hosted by: Jerrod Downey

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