Embracing Innovation & Collaboration to Transform the Future

Embracing Innovation & Collaboration to Transform the Future


Embrace the future of mining at Austmine's highly anticipated Mining Innovation Roadshow, taking place in Perth on Friday, 1st September 2023. This event provides a valuable platform for the METS and mining communities to exchange ideas, foster connections, and stay at the forefront of news and advancements in the sector.

The 2023 Roadshow’s theme is ‘Transforming Our Future, organised in 4 sessions to focus on leading-edge technologies, open innovation and forward-thinking strategies aimed at redesigning how the industry operates, ensuring we meet the expectations of a new generation and leading to a more sustainable future.


Session 1 – Minning Leading the Energy Transition

As the world embraces renewable energy, our industry takes centre stage in reducing emissions and providing vital minerals for these technologies. The event's first session delves into how mining supports renewable energy development while transitioning to sustainable energy sources. Keynote speakers including Chris Carr from IGO Ltd and Reik Winkel from indurad, will inspire attendees with their vision for a greener mining future.


Session 2 – Innovation Spotlight Presentations

In this session, we will have a series of presentations that discuss the latest technologies that are transforming the mining landscape including Orica Digital Solutions’ innovative solutions and PETRA Data Science’s AI driven risk reduction strategies. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about how companies are solving multiple challenges and how innovation is revolutionising the industry.


Session 3 – Leveraging the Digital Age 

In the face of depleting mineral reserves and increasing demand, digital technologies are central to ensuring the mining industry's sustainability. Session 3 explores how data-driven insights enhance operational efficiency, reduce waste, and optimise exploration. With a panel to discuss the effects of AI and automation in our sector, Mark O'Brien (GM Digital Technology & Innovation, CITIC Pacific Mining), Paul Lucey (Principle Mine Electrification & Technology, Worley), Shane Clark (Head of Growth & Sustainability, Western Region, Thiess) and Matthew Blackwell (Head of Major Projects, Engineering & Innovation, Iluka Resources) will enlighten the audience on changes and strategies to accelerate the process for an intelligent mine.


Session 4 – The Innovation Frontier

AROSE Space & Resources Panel brings together experts from both the space and resources sectors to explore the immense potential of collaboration. The discussion highlights how innovation and safety converge to transform industries and drive sustainable practices in mining. Keynotes from Adam Price of RPMGlobal and collaborative efforts by Rio Tinto and Weir ESCO provide valuable glimpses into the future of mining.


Shaping the Sustainable Mining Landscape 

The Austmine event in Perth will draw to a close with networking drinks, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with invaluable knowledge to shape a sustainable mining landscape. The event's emphasis on renewable energy, innovation, digitalisation, and collaborative efforts signifies the industry's commitment to a greener, technologically advanced future. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and transformation of the mining sector as it embraces innovation, sustainability, and responsible practices.


Learn more about Austmine's Mining Innovation Roadshow here: https://innovationroadshow.austmine.com.au/ 


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