Australian Mining Prospect Awards 2023 | Geographe

Australian Mining Prospect Awards 2023 | Geographe


The Australian Mining Prospect Awards run by Prime Creative Media have been recognising outstanding achievements in Australia's mining sector for 20 years. This esteemed national awards program serves as a platform to acknowledge exceptional contributions to innovation, safety, sustainability, and excellence.

After a successful 2022 event hosted in Perth, Western Australia, this year the awards will return to Brisbane, QLD. Geographe are proud to be sponsoring this year's Excellence in Mine Safety, OH&S category, furthering our commitment to promoting safety and quality within the mining industry.


The Significance of the Australian Mining Prospect Awards

From the industry's early roots to its current cutting-edge practices, mining has remained a driving force in Australia's growth, and these awards highlight the sector's continuous spirit of innovation.


The Australian Mining Prospect Awards are a platform for recognition, celebration and to create an environment of healthy competition and continuous improvement. This encouragement of excellence drives companies to push boundaries, invest in research and development, and adopt more sustainable practices.


This focus on responsible practices encourages all participants to adopt high standards of health, safety, environmental protection, and quality, fostering a safer and more sustainable industry.



Geographe's Commitment to Safer Mining

We are proud to be sponsoring the Excellence in Mine Safety, OH&S category of the Australian Mining Prospect Awards. By recognising excellence in HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality), we aim to encourage all participants in the industry to prioritise safety and sustainability in their operations. The sponsorship also reflects our commitment to supporting initiatives that foster continuous improvement and enhance the well-being of workers, communities, and the environment.



The BSRT: Geographe's Awarded Solution

In 2021, Geographe won the Innovative Mining Solution Award for our groundbreaking Ball Stud Remover Tool (BSRT).


The BSRT is a safe and efficient hydraulic pressing system that has been proven to release up to six ball studs from mining Haul Trucks in just 20 minutes. This innovative solution addresses safety and productivity challenges, improving efficiency while reducing effort and downtime. The design of the BSRT allows maintenance professionals to pop stuck studs without being under the truck during the release process. The success with the BSRT has further strengthened our commitment to engineering solutions for better and safer ways to enhance mine site maintenance. Learn more about the BSRT.


Let's come together to celebrate the mining industry's achievements, recognising those who excel and drive innovation. 


If you know a company or individual deserving of recognition, submit your nomination before Friday, 1st September 2023. 



Don't miss the chance to be part of this prestigious event on 9th November 2023 and celebrate the remarkable advances made by Australia's mining industry. Register here to attend.



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