Enhanced Performance Through Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Enhanced Performance Through Deep Cryogenic Treatment

The advanced process of Deep Cryogenic Treatment involves bringing the temperature of components down to temperatures below -180⁰C in a controlled manner. 

Cryogenic Processing alters the crystalline structure, transforming it into a more uniform and durable construct.

These changes become permanent as the temperature of the material is gradually brought back up to room temperature or beyond.

The Deep Cryogenic Treatment process:

Liquid nitrogen is passed through a ‘liquid to gas’ heat exchanger used in conjunction with a circulating fan. 

The heat exchanger contains the boiling liquid nitrogen and absorbs the thermal shock, while the fan circulates gaseous nitrogen over the heat exchanger and the payload to slowly remove the payload’s latent heat. The loss of energy to the external environment is minimal due to the vacuum insulated Dewar. 

The payload is slowly ramped down from ambient temperature to -184⁰C over 7 hours, held at temperature for approximately 20 hours before returning to ambient temperature. The payload is then transferred to a furnace for tempering at 180⁰C for several hours.

"DCT improves the quality, durability and lifespan of a range of industrial machine parts that are susceptible to wear due to stress, friction and fatigue."

Tim Davies - Metallurgist
Cryogenically frozen gear

Benefits of Deep Cryogenic Treatment include:

1. Increased hardness and hardness consistency through transformation of retained austenite to martensite.

2. Improvements in fatigue and wear resistance.

3. Reduced internal stress leading to improved dimensional stability.

Cryogenically frozen gear
Because Cryogenic treatment is very much an unknown improvement, the biggest challenge customers face in making the choice to treat components is not knowing if it will make a difference.
The common thread in a lot of successful cases was to gain insights from those that had already trialed treated parts and take the plunge, knowing that the treatment has a very low to no risk of negative affecting any type of material.

If you’re looking for a very cost-effective performance edge with low to no risk, contact us for advice.


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