FAQs on Replacement Slew Drives by Geographe

FAQs on Replacement Slew Drives by Geographe

1) How long have Geographe been overhauling Slew Drives?

Geographe entered the slew drive market in 2012 to provide our clients with an alternative to full OEM replacement drives on a service exchange or direct purchase basis.

2) How many Slew Drives have you overhauled?

At the time of this blog being published, Geographe has overhauled 85 slew drives.

3) What is the average cost of a Slew Drive Overhaul?

If a service exchange slew drive is purchased, costs will vary depending on the condition of the core returned to Geographe.   From those overhauled to date, the average cost is approximately $44,000 AUD.

4) How long can a Geographe Slew Drive be expected to last?

At the date this blog is published, 78 of 85 drives overhauled have been put into service.  Of these 78 drives, all but 1 reached the required component life expectancy. They were all changed out between 10,000 – 12,000 hours in line with excavator and site scheduled maintenance.

5) What is unique about a Geographe Slew Drive overhaul?

Geographe has been able to provide upgraded internal parts that enable its slew drives to make or surpass service intervals.


Our drives contain an improved first stage planetary carrier. The carrier design utilises a hardened spline insert (shown above) with a revised material and heat treatment procedure.  In subsequent overhauls, we have been able to either return the carrier to service because it was still within specification or replace the spline inserts.

With the success of the first stage planet carrier upgrade, Geographe rolled out the same upgrade to the secondary carrier. Complimenting the carrier modification, the sun pinions, first and second stage areas have also been optimised to be more fatigue and wear-resistant.

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More information on our improved planetary carrier design can be seen here, or alternatively you can learn more about Geographe’s gear manufacturing capabilities here.

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